T8 LED Tube Rotating End Cap Series – 28W


Size(mm): 1800 | Power: 28W | LEDs(PCS): 288 | Lumen Output(LM): 3640 | Luminous Efficiency: 130LM/W | CRI: >80 | Viewing Angle: 270o | Input Voltage(AC): AC100-277V(US) | Frequency (HZ): 47-63 | Dimmable: N

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Product Brief

szAMB® LED lighting System provides solution for chickens to increase egg output, lower mortality, longer peak production period and improve animal welfare.

By using szAMB® intelligent poultry LED lighting system for raising chickens, it is beneficial for higher quantity and quality of eggs, maturity at a faster rate and higher standard of health, compared with way of chicken raised under traditional light sources.


  • Lower lighting costs and maintenance costs.
  • Increase musculoskeletal development and weight agin.
  • Induce earlier maturity for hens to lay eggs.
  • Increase egg output and quality.
  • Regulate reproduction cycles.
  • Increase length of reproductive life.


  • Chicken farm
  • Pig houses
  • Birdcage
  • Refrigerator
  • Sheepfold
  • Cowshed
  • Horse stable and more agricultural
  • Freezer


  • V-shape patent design 270° aluminum radiator structure.
  • Human design,lock key & switch button, 360° rotating end cap with scale,adjust angle and position.
  • Low heat, less than 50°C.
  • No UV or IR light radiation,no mercury or other in-organics.
  • Instant “ON” to 100% brightness.
  • Worldwide top dimming technology from 0.2%-100% without flickers.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Works with worldwide electrical systems.
  • Humidity proof, Dust proof, Shatter proof and Waterproof with IP66 better rating.
  • Optimal anti-ammonia & acid for poultry industrial lighting.
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