T12 – IP65 Poultry Farm Light D Series – 28W Dimmable


Size(mm): 1500 | Power: 28W | LEDs(PCS): 579 | Lumen Output(LM): 3640 | Luminous Efficiency: 130LM/W | CRI: >80 | Viewing Angle: 360o | Input Voltage(AC): AC100-277V(US) | Frequency (HZ): 47-63 | Dimmable: Y

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Product Brief

2V structure design is szAMB® is one more innovation for farm lighting,szAMB® T12 LED Tube designed to provide 360° of light coverage in the poultry house,it eliminates shadows or dark areas,the uniform lighting inprove animal healthy development.It’s made with an optimized color spectrum and full dimming capability to meet chicken’s developmental needs,enhance welfare and provide uniform growth.szAMB® series poultry lights is a retrofit solution for modern poultry systems,acting as an animal welfare friendly alternative to CFL and cold cathode (CCFL) bulbs.


  • Lower lighting costs and maintenance costs.
  • Increase musculoskeletal development and weight agin.
  • Induce earlier maturity for hens to lay eggs.
  • Increase egg output and quality.
  • Regulate reproduction cycles.
  • Increase length of reproductive life.


  • Chicken farm
  • Pig houses
  • Birdcage
  • Refrigerator
  • Sheepfold
  • Cowshed
  • Horse stables and more agricultral
  • Freezer


  • AMB patent double Vshape 360° viewing angle
  • High quality and reliable performance.
  • Super brightness 120130LM/W & 130150 for options.
  • Worldwide Triac Dimmable technology from 0.2100% without any flicker to simulate Dawn to Dark.
  • The integrated intelligent dimmer & timer system available,complied with RSPCA improve animal welfare.
  • Humidity proof,Dust proof,Shatter proof and Waterproof with protection class Ip65.
  • Male and Female connector in series needed.
  • Optimal antiammoniac & acid for poultry industrial lighting.
  • Dmark certified perform standard EN60598224.
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